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Blanche Marion

Student at EPFL


Lucie Vanhollebeke

Student at ETHZ


Let's increase the usage rate of clothes

Let's develop a collaborative and sharing model

Let's promote the local economy in Switzerland

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Why UniDress?

In 15 years, the number of times a garment is worn has decreased by 36%.*

Between 12 and 24 collections per year in major brands, seriously?

Let's reverse this tendency to view clothing as disposable and slow down this hellish pace.


Born on the Unil/EPFL campus, the UniDress platform attempts to answer a simple question: 

How can we transform our wasteful way of consuming clothes and consume more sustainably?


Let's start by looking at second-hand fashion! We are not talking about the old-fashioned clothes of your great-grandparents, but of those of the other students on your campus, with whom you share tastes and values.

It is also important to us that you have access to the environmental impact of your actions on UniDress. Follow the story of a beautiful wool sweater, thanks to the digital traceability set up, and the impact that, together, you have, by giving it 1, 2, 3 lives on UniDress.

We seek to respond to the interest of the student market for traceability and sustainability in the field of fashion.

Thus, we are committed to orchestrate and reinforce exchanges of clothing and sewing services between individuals, so that they become simple, safe and accessible.


1. Applicability
2. Entry into force, right of revocation, termination by UniDress
3. Use of marketplaces with or without registration
4. Prices and terms of payment
5. Prohibition to reuse information 
6. Intellectual property rights
7. Operation and development of the marketplace

8. Posting announcements

9. Data Protection 

10. Rights and obligations of the customer
11. Risk
12. Liability and warranty
13. Legal status of UniDress
14. Prohibition of offsetting
15. Prohibition of assignment
16. Confirmation and modification of these general conditions 
17. General provisions 
18. Applicable law

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